Wild tribes of Ethiopia and National Park Bale Mountains

East bank of river Omo – 2 weeks

Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It has become safer, and now it is placed among the safe countries of Africa. There are many Christian monuments in the north of the country, and in the southwest of Ethiopia there is the highest concentration of aboriginal tribes in the entirety of Africa. You can meet ten of these tribes during this trip. Do not hesitate and come to see them while they still exist?

Day 1: Participants meet in the late evening hours in Adis Abbeba, the capital of Etiopia. There is a festive dinner in a renown and stylish restaurant, Karamora.

Day 2: Transit with hired landrover-type cars to a small city Arba Minch. During the trip we will take a bath in a small lake Langano, and stop in Shashemene for a fruit cocktail. Later we will dine on excellent fish from the Chamo lake.

Day 3: We will explore the customs of the Konso tribe, their „middle-age castles“, terraced fields, and canyon xxx.

Day 4: We will visit the Bana tribe, one of the less known Ethiopian tribes. During the transit we will taste the traditional „tach“ drink.

Day 5: We will go to the national park Mago, have an afternoon safari with a landrover-type car, and we will overnight in tents in a camp near Head Quarters.

Day 6: We will visit the Mursi tribe, legendary naked warriors. Men have bodies painted with clay, women wear small plates in their lips. We will stop in one Mursi village, and drive through their territory to the Body tribe territory.

Day 7: We will visit the Body tribe, another tribe from the Mursi and Surma tribe group. However, the Body tribe is quite different as you'll see. In the afternoom, we will stop during our return at another Mursi village, and then spend our second night in the camp of National Park Mago.

Day 8.: We will visit the Karo tribe, the renown warriors. We will visit their villages that are situated near the river Omo, and are far in the bushland. We will cross the river Omo to visit the Bume tribe.

Day 9: We will visit the Dasanech tribe, who also live on the western bank of the river Omo. The men fix their hairstyles with clay – from which they make „helmets“. In the afternoon we will move to the Hamar tribe territory, which is one of the most beautiful tribes in Ethiopia. We will visit the marketplace, and if your interested, we can spend the night in the Hamar's village.

Day 10: We will visit both the Tsamai and the Arbore tribe. Tsamaj tribesmen comb their hair in a strange way, and the tribe Arbore is again something completely different:** for example they live in very interesting straw buildings.

Day 11: We willl travel to the National Park Bale Mountains, the most beautiful national park in Ethiopia. Except for several kinds of endemic mammals we will also find there biotops, which can't be found anywhere else in Etiopia.

Day 12: We will view the mountain plateau with endemic etiopian wolves, senecias, and lobelias, and a mist forest in the foothills of the nearby mountains.

Day 13: A safari (on foot) observing endemic mountain nyals, and pigs. For anyone interested, there will be a possibility of a horse ride.

Day 14: We will return to Addis Abeba. We will stop to take a bath in a renown thermal spa for the „higher society“ near the Sodere city. We will arrive to Addis in late evening hours.

Day 15: A **Day for shopping for souvenirs and departing.

The price includes: transportation (inc. hiring of the landrover cars), accommodation and fees for camping, entrance fees to the national parks, and an English speaking guide

The price does not include: fees for taking photos.

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