Mysterious Mamberamo – 2 weeks



9.Aug. – 24.Aug.2014, code – mam-2–0140809
11.Oct. – 26.Oct.2014, code – mam-2–0141011


Day 1: Participants meet at Jakarta airport (Indonesia) in the late evening hours. Then depart to Papua.
Day 2: Trekking to Sentani waterfall (Jayapura), arrangement of the necessary permits for Papua. Alternatively, relaxation at the hotel swimming pool.
Day 3: Early morning departure with a small missionary plane to a lowland jungle. We hire porters and trek to the last civilized village. Then spend the night in the village.
Day 4 – 13: Day 4 – 13: Trekking to the mountain Vano tribe – the manufacturers of Papua's best stone axes – the legendary Ja-Li-Me – The Spring Of Stone Axes in the river valley.We will have 2 – 3 days for the village – to watch how they build a primitive scaffolding and use fire to break stone, smash (cleave) it into pieces, and shape these into axe-heads. These people, and the Ja-li-me village,were described by the famous traveler and climber Heinrich Harrer in his book „Coming from the stone age“. So far, not much has changed since Harrer's times. After several days spent with these friendly people, we return back to our landing place. We will then sail on a small boat to the warriors of the Mamberamo River, to see the men with straw „caps“, skirts and „casuar“ tails.

Day 14: Departure by plane to Sentani (Jayapura) the capital of Indonesian province Papua. Sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs at the Hamadi market.
Day 15: Departure to Jakarta – participants who have connecting flights leave, the others spend the night in Jakarta and leave the following day (Day 16).

OPTIONALLY: There is the possibility to extend the stay for diving in the north of Sulawesi (Manado-Bunaken Island and Lembeh Strait are some of the best places in the world to dive. Even National Geographic has reported on Lembeh Strait  – 11/2005). It is also possible to dive directly in the western part of Papua, which is perhaps the best diving place in the world. It has gotten this name because of its beautiful variety of coral reefs, the quantity and varietys of fish, and the multitude of other sea animals, including 8 species of pygmy sea horses, … A week long visit comes with a guarantee of Manatee observation ? a fantastic experience. Please contact us for further information. For our clients, we organize diving trips for the standard prices of the local dive shops. We recommend only the really good, and well-tried ones.

OPTION 2: Wamena: 1 – 3 day-long program with a local guide (who speaks fluent English). Visit of Dani tribe villages: Mummy in Jiwica, making fire, pig roasting, fascinating battle reconstruction, dances, songs, trip to a salt lake and the observation of how salt is „mined“ using stems of banana palms.

The price includes:

All accommodation in local mid-range quality hotels (during the trek in huts of the aborigines or in your tents), all inland transportation, air transportation from and to Wamena, two flights with a small hired plane, a possible boating trip in gouged boats made by aborigines, an English speaking guide with a very good knowledge of the local environment, and where needed also a local guide. The price also includes safety expedition equipment: satellite navigational GPS system and a satellite phone. Our clients can use the satellite telephone for private calls (note that this requires your guide's consent).

The price does not include:

The flight ticket to Asia (Jakarta) and back,the flight ticket from Jakarta to the Papua province Indonesia (Jayapura – Sentani) and back to Jakarta, food, entrance fees to attractions, and additional fees for taking photos and filming, more than 1 portier needed during the trekink, portiers.

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